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Children with language impairments often have:

  • short, simple sentences,
  • sentences containing grammatical errors, and
  • difficulties understanding longer and more complex sentences.


Children need longer and more complex utterances to convey increasingly complex thoughts and ideas, so Speech Pathologists should address this skill in speech therapy sessions.


This is an open-ended resource, with vibrant and diverse pictures to represent a range of people, places, actions and objects. I wanted the therapy resources Speech Language Pathologists use to reflect the community and cultures they serve. There are 84 pictures within this resource!


Use these pictures to work on receptive language or expressive language tasks. You can even create your own bespoke probe tests using them.


Some therapy goals these syntax picture cards can be used for:

  • Simple sentences such as Subject-Verb, Subject-Verb-Adverbial
  • Morphosyntax structures such as tense, plurals and agreement, adverbials
  • Conjunctions and clauses
  • Tier 2 vocabulary


You can use these pictures for in-person or online/telehealth sessions.

Draft Syntax Cards for Receptive & Expressive Language Therapy

Excluding GST
  • PDF

  • 26 Pages, including instructions and product information

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