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For Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs)

In addition to offering speech language pathology to children and adolescents, I also offer support and services for other Speech Language Pathologists, whether you are an established Speech Language Pathologist delivering services to clients, or just starting out.

Supervision and Mentoring for practising Speech Pathologists


I supervise Speech Pathologists all over Australia! Clinicians usually meet me to discuss their caseload and private practice issues, to discuss specific cases or find out more about an area of practice and the current evidence base regarding it. We discuss a formal Supervision Agreement at the first session, meet regularly via Zoom, and I send out a free monthly newsletter with tips and tricks. I am also available for one-off consults to discuss cases. Get in touch with me at to discuss my current availability.

NSW Speech Pathology EBP Network

Since 2021, I have been co-leader of the Paediatric Speech Group in the NSW Speech Pathology Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Network. Prior to this, I was a member for 10 years. I have learnt so much from attending these quarterly meetings where we critically appraise papers, discuss cases and current research evidence, and exchange ideas for assessment, diagnosis and treatment. The network has different groups for various areas of clinical interest. Attendance is free for practising Speech Pathologists in NSW - with a strong focus on active participation and contribution. Visit the Network’s website to learn more and to access the introductory training for EBP. 

For Speech Pathologists interested in Animal Assisted Therapy

I have created a Facebook group for Speech Pathologists who would like to know more about, or exchange ideas with others regarding, AAT. You can join here - please make sure to answer the questions upon joining so your request can get approved. 


I have also instigated a monthly evening group supervision that runs on the last Thursday of every month. I integrate my knowledge, experiences and research into both animal assisted therapy and Speech Pathology in order to provide clinical supervision and mentoring support regarding the core principles of AAT, applying AAT to a range of communication goals, case discussions and troubleshooting questions. 

The group supervision is suitable for Speech Pathologists who have been working with a therapy animal (e.g. therapy dog) in their workplace, as well as clinicians who are planning to do so in the future. Because of time zone differences, it may not suit SLPs based outside Australia - but if it does, you’re more than welcome! You can email to advise us of your interest and to get details of the fees involved.

Clinical Resources for Speech Pathologists

Visit my new online store, which contains resources I have created and used in my clinical practice, as well as my Teachers Pay Teachers store to find both free and paid resources, and follow me on Instagram for links to resources, tips and ideas!

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