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Values and Approach

As a Speech Pathologist delivering quality speech therapy, the ethical practice of Speech Pathology is something I feel strongly about. My values and my approach reflect the importance of care, integrity and an evidence-based practice.



​These core values inform every day of my work at Summer Hill Speech: 


I understand that there's so much more to a person than just the moment or issue in front of me. Caring for clients, their families and their relationships is at the core of the service I provide.



I have always valued creativity in others and myself. Creative thinking leads to creative activities and creative solutions. I am continuously developing, learning and improving what I do in Speech Language Pathology sessions. I value innovation and deliver therapy that is relevant to a modern vision of healthcare.

My Speech Pathology sessions don’t look the same day to day, month to month or year to year because I constantly look for new and creative ways to work on goals. I commit time, energy and money towards professional development and up-skilling in all aspects of clinical practice, to ensure my clients receive the best care using the most up to date knowledge in the field of Speech Pathology.



I work with my clients to deliver a personalised service that meets their needs and values. Clients are co-collaborators that can lead their own goals and progress, with support from me as required. I work closely with significant others, and other service providers, to ensure a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to healthcare.

Integrity is also important to me. Acting ethically and in a way that is consistent with my values is something I do whether I am providing speech therapy directly to a client, liaising with a school teacher or occupational therapist, or deciding when a client is ready to “graduate” from speech therapy after achieving their goals.



What is E3BP.png

The image above illustrates my approach, which includes practising evidence-based Speech Language Pathology, using the best research and clinical knowledge available to us, whilst acknowledging the preferences and lived experiences of my clients. 


What is evidence-based Speech Language Pathology?

Put simply, this approach pairs the existing research in the field with my personal knowledge and experience of person-centred, holistic frameworks such as the ICF (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health) model. I provide a wide range of services that are tailored to suit all types of clients, from preschool children to adolescents by drawing on a broad range of clinical experience and ongoing research and training. 

My commitment to evidence-based Speech Pathology has even led me to start a Master of Philosophy, which is a graduate research degree, in the area of language disorders. My research has a specific focus on personal narrative skills of school-age children, i.e. how children tell the stories of their own experiences, and what this can tell us about helping children with language disorders.

The Summer Hill Speech Approach


I always take the time to go the extra mile in delivering an individualised service to each person and family. Speech language disorders are varied in their presentation and impact, so a one-size-fits-all approach does not work. If a client is interested in Minecraft, Marvel superheroes, Disney villains, climate change, or outer space, I'll adapt and incorporate this into our therapy. This also helps us to build the trust and relationship that is crucial for success in therapy.

My approach requires the heavy involvement of clients, and their caregivers, in the goal-setting and therapeutic process. This means that clients drive their progress by setting their own goals and identifying the outcomes they want to achieve. I always work at the client’s comfort level, and I’m committed to supporting neurodivergent clients in a respectful and authentic way. I value diversity and create a safe space for all clients, no matter who they are.

Contact us today to book in for an initial consultation. I see clients both in-person and via telehealth. A brief waiting period may apply for therapy.

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