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Christmas Gift Ideas for kids!

Are you a last minute gift shopper? Here are some options for children of a variety of ages :)

#1 Rat-a-Tat Cat: This game was brought to my notice by a clever, kind and thoughtful client of mine. They taught me how to play it! And I've since played it with SO many other children - all of whom love it. Some even say it's their favourite game of all my games -- and I have A LOT of therapy games!

#2 Sleeping Queens: This is a relatively new addition to my cohort of games, but is very fun to play. I've been impressed with how many aspects of language and social skills we can address within this card game!

#3 BrainBox Inventions, Vile Villains or Awful Ancients: These card games are great for older children - preferably reading independently. You may have to take out some of the more 'gory' cards from the Horrible Histories series (Vile Villains or Awful Ancients), depending on the child. I was always more disturbed than my clients! Plus, the Inventions game has taught me lots of facts I didn't know!

#4 Pip and Posy books: Of course I had to include some book recommendations. These are the sweetest series of books and great for working on narrative grammar with kids. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

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