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Speechie Life Savers for Term 1

Term 1 has begun! The rest and relaxation of summer holidays has drawn to an end and if you’re anything like me, it’s a massive shock to the system to discover just how busy term can be! So here are some of my personal life savers that make getting back into the swing of things that much easier.

In my bag: Kiehl's deodorant cream

It’s summer in Australia, and Sydney can get notoriously humid at this time of year. And if you’re bouncing around between your car and office and schools, with no guarantee of working AC (or even a fan), then sweat must be managed! I love this cream, it’s an unscented antiperspirant that I find to be extremely effective.

On my desk: “brain dump” notebook

In a recent post, I talked about how I love bullet journaling - it helps me stay organised and plan my days. A brain dump is a form of bullet journaling where you declutter your mind by writing down as many of the thoughts that are swirling in your head as you can! If you’re anything like me, there can be a lot and when you look at the paper after, it might not make much sense. But it’s a great way for me to remember what I need to, put aside things that I might otherwise be distracted by, and support my mental health. I get my thoughts and stressors out on the page, and then I get to organise them (another joy)!

In my car: watermelon rock candy

These are little candies that look and taste like watermelon. So cute! Plus they’re vegan like me (mostly)! It’s something sweet and fun to enjoy between sessions, and to give you a little sugar boost when needed.

In my clinic: Sushi Scramble game

I’m obsessed with this game at the moment. It's a super fun game with little sushi pieces, chopsticks and a chopping sushi chef. It’s fast paced and fun for kids with lots of opportunities to target sounds and words, and various language goals. For example, what a great way to practise personal narratives - exchange stories about the last time you went to a sushi restaurant! Did the chef chop off all the food on the sushi train before you could grab it? I hope not! .

On my shelf: Enough Love? by Maggie Hutchings, illustrated by Evie Barrow

I love this gorgeous picture book about a girl whose parents split up, and then her family starts to grow when her dad meets Kevin. It’s moving and sweet, and does a great job of helping kids navigate the difficult concepts around divorce and new partners.

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