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Speechie Lifesavers for Term 4

As a private practice speech pathologist, my work year is moulded around the NSW school terms. We're half way through the final school term of the year, and as my last post may have indicated - I'm feeling the same end-of-year fatigue that everybody gets around this time. So for this term, my must-have recommendations are things that are keeping me going, keeping me organised and keeping me joyful:

#1: Snacks

My work bag is full of a variety of muesli bars (e.g. Carman's) and snacks like these Health Lab ones. Keeping myself eating regularly is the biggest challenge when my workday is full of appointments. These are perfect, and healthier than reaching for chocolates or chips (my go-to in more dire situations!).

#2: Hobonichi Planner

My Hobonichi planner has the most luxurious, thin and bleed-proof paper - which makes writing on it a dream. It has monthly, weekly and daily spreads, and I use each type of page to stay organised and calm when my processing capacity is going out the window. If I don't write it down, I struggle to remember it: which is why I can probably never go to a fully-digital option for planning and organisation!

#3: "Brain dump" notebook

Not pictured, but every month I get myself a cute little notebook in which I can make lists and jot down random information that I need to keep track of. When I'm trying to unknot a particular problem, mapping it out on paper often helps.

For when you have no brain space left for processing information or searching up journal articles, but still want to check in with the latest evidence. I love seeing the monthly post or email from TISLP saying "The reviews are ready!" -- it fills me with great joy!

#5: Novelty Pens

I got this pen on a recent holiday, and it delights both my clients and me!

You might also like to read this previous post, which contains some other speechie lifesavers that are definitely still on my radar.

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