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Top 10 Speech Pathologists you must follow on Instagram

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

  1. Anna Dee SLP - Anna is from Canada and I love her account. It’s colourful and bubbly, just like her and her resources. Anna is one of the SLPs who talks about a playful approach to speech and language therapy, and it always made sense to me and my way of working. Also, she once did an insta story about groceries and meal prepping that broke my brain! I’d never thought of doing it her way before!

  2. Molly SLP - Molly is from Melbourne, and her account always makes me smile. It automatically reminds me of my youthful SLP days, and is great for getting excited about great toys and new activity ideas

  3. Happy Crisps - Manasa’s account makes me so, so happy. She’s thoughtful and kind and shares about her experience as a Speech Therapist/Audiologist in India (they’re dual qualified over there!). We’re from different parts of India, but it still makes me feel connected to see a fellow SLP’s work life from an ocean away.

  4. Shaun Z - I am lucky enough to call Shaun a friend now, and I say lucky because he is fast becoming “the DLD guy” around Australia; he co-runs The DLD project, researches and lectures at Griffith University (where I’m also doing my HDR), he practises as an SLP, he hosts my FAVOURITE Aussie podcast about Speech Pathology… and occasionally we do peer supervision and meet up for rapid-paced chats at conferences!

  5. Little Birdie Books - I recommend Little Birdie’s Book Bags to every single SLP I speak to. What a fantastic idea, and I love having the opportunity to get to know new books that I haven’t come across before! Plus Janice’s boys are the cutest little poster boys for any therapy resources that I could imagine. Seriously. They’re adorable.

  6. Banter Speech - David is another friend and colleague that I admire so much for his contributions to our profession. One of my favourite things about the Banter account is just how much information David & his team manage to pack into every single post. Banter is synonymous with information in my mind! Plus, David has a great book about clinical supervision for SLPs in private practice :)

  7. Blaze the Speech Dood - Blaze is the cutest therapy dog in the northern hemisphere and I love the posts of him at his school. I always get great AAT activity ideas from Blaze, but one thing I have realised is that Blaze has a very different temperament to Poppy. No way is Poppy lying still enough for kids to put little picture cards on her side or back.. She’d probably eat the picture cards and then nudge the kids with her nose to demand pats!

  8. The Speech Meadow - Colette’s account is informative and practical and does that rare thing of being both completely in sync with things I already know/think, but also teaching me something new!

  9. Speech and Joy - Kristen always makes lovely, funny and informative videos and looks so gorgeous on camera! I am constantly amazed that she's an SLP and not a Hollywood actress!!!

  10. And of course, me! @summerhillspeech I created my instagram for other Speech Pathologists to get helpful tips and learn about therapy resources, as well as to build a strong global community for us to follow best practice principles and learn about each other.

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